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1 month ago
The Myth of the Sports Scholarship

An eye-opening read for high school athletes hoping to be recruited for college athletics:

Allison Goldblatt and her family believed that her elite status as a swimmer would pay her way at the college of her choice. But they found out the truth.

2 months ago
Wine Country Gift Baskets Spirit of Giving Scholarship, 2019

Scholarship Friday
Spirit of Giving Scholarship
High school seniors and current college students are invited to submit an essay about the spirit of giving.
Due: July 31, 2019
Apply: ... See more

Each year Wine Country Gift Baskets awards annual scholarships to three well-deserving students displaying the spirit of giving.

3 months ago
The College Board is changing sign-up rules for AP tests. Critics say it’s an undue burden on students.

As College Board moves the registration date for AP exams forward, it becomes increasingly important for high school students to educate themselves--early--as to what AP credits their preferred ... See more

The board says the changes, which include an earlier registration deadline and late fees, will help students pass their AP tests.

3 months ago
Apply for a BECU Foundation Scholarship

High school seniors and current college students: APPLY!

Don’t miss this.

3 months ago
The hard part of a computer science major can be getting into class

Considering a computer science degree? With increasing interest in computer science degrees and impacted classrooms, make sure you are asking potential colleges about access to classes, size of ... See more

Students are surging into computer science, but universities struggle to hire or retain professors who are snapped up by private industry with big-ticket salaries that academia can't match. For some ... See more

4 months ago
P.L.A.Y. Scholarships for High School Student Animal Lovers

Scholarship Friday
Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship
This $1,000 scholarship rewards one student who can tell the best story, describing the impact he or she made in the life of a rescue animal or ... See more

Are you a high school senior who loves animals and volunteers locally? Apply today for P.L.A.Y.’s annual Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship.

4 months ago
The Christophers | Poster Contest

Scholarship Friday
Christophers High School Poster Contest
High school students in grades 9 - 12 are invited to create a poster interpreting the theme "You Can Make a Difference". Prizes of $100 - ... See more

Poster Contest

4 months ago
Here’s how GET and DreamAhead – Washington’s two college savings plans – stand after $1 billion shift

Two plans for families who are saving for college: DreamAhead and GET:

New DreamAhead college savings program offers new option for families saving for college.

5 months ago
Western Aerospace Scholars | Museum of Flight

Western Aerospace Scholars
Opportunity for WA, MT and OR sophomores who are interested in the history and future exploration of space and topics in Earth and Space Science. This free online program ... See more

Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is an online distance learning course and summer experience specifically designed for high school sophomores and juniors interested in pursuing science, technology, ... See more

5 months ago
Courageous Persuaders - Courageous Persuaders

Scholarship Friday
Courageous Persuaders Video Contest
Create a video commercial about the dangers of underage drinking or the dangers of texting while driving. Middle School classrooms are your ... See more

A high school scholarship competition unlike any other. Enter your 30-second TV commercial about the dangers of underage drinking or texting while driving. Middle school classrooms gauge the ... See more

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