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About Main Education Consulting

Main Education Consulting (MEC) provides high-school students and families with current, unbiased and personal guidance in college preparation, strategic college choices and professional essay editing to maximize a student’s college application potential.  MEC excels in teaching students how to find positive learning outcomes from life experiences, both positive and negative, and coaches them on how to showcase these attributes to create stronger, more competitive college applications.

Main Education Consulting welcomes all students regardless of race, religion, gender, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression in providing its services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting many students’ preparations for college. Main Education Consulting can work with students completely online to ensure each student continues to positively move forward and successfully navigate the college preparation and application process in these times of uncertainty.


About Andrea Main, Principal Consultant

Head consultant for Main Education Consulting

Andrea Main, Principle Consultant, on a visit to University of Portland, one of many campuses she has visited.

Andrea Main has spent more than thirty years working in the education field. Andrea’s professional experience includes university instructor, curator of an educational science center, college and career specialist within the Washington school system, and independent college admission adviser.

The years that Andrea spent working with, and in, various educational systems has given her a unique and wide perspective for counseling students in pursuing their own academic paths. Her experience as an educator and professional writer combine to provide her students with excellent and supportive mentorship to maximize their college application potential. Andrea adds a strong business and industry perspective to her advising. She brings business skills to her college admissions approach, helping students produce competitive and compelling college applications — with positive results.

As an independent education adviser, Andrea Main provides individualized coaching and personalized guidance tailored to each student’s specific interests and abilities. Students with whom she has worked are attending colleges both nationally and internationally. Many of these students received major merit scholarships from strategically chosen colleges based on each student’s academics coupled with the extra-curricular activities for which Andrea coached them.

Additionally, Andrea is the president of a major scholarship foundation, an adviser for a student-led, non-profit corporation, and a professional speaker for college admissions. She has been awarded the Independent Educational Consultant Certificate from the University of California Irvine’s graduate program and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specializations in Intelligence and Learning Styles, Communication, and Business Management. Andrea is an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) a member of both the Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling (PNACAC) and Seattle Area College Counselors (SACC).