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Individualized Comprehensive Package

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Students who complete the Individualized Comprehensive Package develop both academically and personally, emerging with a stronger self-awareness and better understanding of their academic direction. MEC coaches students to stretch themselves throughout their years in high school and discover personal strengths. In each student’s junior year, MEC develops a list of customized list of “best-fit” colleges based on the student’s personal strengths. MEC enables students to complete compelling, stronger, more competitive applications to selective and highly competitive colleges in a positive and streamlined manner.This service will cover:

Strengths and Goals

  • Individual goal-setting meeting with discussion of interests, skills and academic strengths
  • Completion of a battery of aptitude, interest, and self-awareness assessments giving student the language to write stronger, more personalized essays and more targeted applications


  • Evaluation of grades, classes and academic direction
  • Course recommendations for college admission requirements
  • Selection assistance for standardized testing –choice of test(s) and timing of tests
  • Recommendations for testing preparation

Beyond the Academics

  • Evaluation of current extra-curricular activities and responsibilities
  • Recommendations and resources for extra-curricular activities, and academic enrichment that  includes community service, athletics, arts, employment, academic extension and summer programs
  • Resume writing coaching

College choices

  • Discussion of college attributes and factors to determine college preferences to identify colleges that best fit your student–academically, socially, philosophically and financially 
  • Development of a personalized list of college targeted for academic, social and financial best fit
  • College campus tour preparation to ensure you get the information you need to make sound decisions

College Application

  • Personalized Application Dashboard to timeline to streamline and manage deadlines
  • Essay brainstorming, writing tips and edits: helping your student find the essays that are well written, compelling and stand out from the crowd
  • Guidance for securing powerful recommendations
  • Activity resume direction
  • Every aspect of the college application highlights a different skill, strength or interest to create a memorable and highly competitive college application
  • Interview preparation
  • Application review (including 8 applications)
  • College acceptance/offer review

Financing College

  • Financial aid overview and resources
  • Scholarship search and submission advice

College Success

  • Strategies for successful years in college
  • Maximizing your college’s offerings
  • Finances/budgeting in college years

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